All-Inclusive Luxury

Uniworld elevates all-inclusive river cruising in Europe to an entirely new level.

IMPECCABLE SERVICE with a larger onboard staff than any other river cruise line

INTIMATE and BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED SHIPS carrying an average of just 150 guests

ALL GRATUITIES onboard and onshore for ALL shore excursions



All DINING ONBOARD and UNLIMITED BEVERAGES (including many premium spirits such as Grey Goose, Crown Royal, and Glenfiddich)

A wide choice of PERSONALIZED EXCURSIONS led by English-speaking local experts

A number of EXCLUSIVE EXCURSIONS offered only by Uniworld

Ship-wide FREE INTERNET and WI-FI access



Onboard EXERCISE & WELLNESS classes (with certified onboard wellness instructors) BICYCLES and NORDIC

WALKING STICKS for onshore use

Every Uniworld ship is a work of art designed to be as unique and inspiring as the destinations it visits. Once aboard one of their award-winning ships, you will immediately notice the thoughtful touches, sublime artistry and quality amenities that set us apart. A simple walk from your sumptuous stateroom to breakfast will reveal original works by famous painters, master craftsmen and furniture designers commissioned exclusively for Uniworld ships.

Once you set sail on Uniworld’s one-of-a-kind ship, you will discover a beautiful world, both onboard and onshore.

  • Experience and Expertise: When unrivalled luxury, exceptional service, extraordinary cuisine and nautical excellence come together, the result is unmistakably Uniworld.   Their connection to their sister company, the five-star Red Carnation Hotel Collection, has enabled them to tap into the expertise gained from over 50 years of owning and operating luxury boutique hotels worldwide. This expertise, combined with their four decades of experience in river cruising, enables Uniworld to deliver the same luxurious hotel experience—only on the rivers of the world.
  • A Legacy of Service: Every journey is orchestrated by an experienced Cruise Manager, Hotel Manager and Restaurant Manager. All staff undergo rigorous and ongoing training to ensure the highest standard of service. Uniworld has more onboard staff than any other river cruise line, there is always a highly trained and dedicated person ready to answer any request and exceed your every expectation.
  • Culinary: The culinary journeys experienced onboard every Uniworld river cruise are every bit as rich, varied and flavorful as the voyage itself. Working with a palette of the freshest and highest-quality local ingredients from every destination along the river, our onboard chefs flawlessly bring to life the culinary vision and signature recipes developed by Mrs. Beatrice Tollman, founder of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection, and our Global Master Chef, Bernhard Zorn.
  • Personalized Experiences: Uniworld knows that all of their guests are unique. By providing a broader range of onshore experiences with a higher degree of personalization than any other river cruise line in Europe, they are confident you will always find the experience you seek.